Russian Volume lashes, also known as XD lashes, are the latest trend in the world of eyelash extensions and it’s not difficult to see why! They mean you can make even sparse natural lashes look super glam and volumous or you can go natural and subtle. This look is achieved very similarly to individual lashes in the sense that the natural lash is first isolated, then where previously technicians would apply one lash, now they apply a small fan of anything between 2 to 7 lashes. This might sound like a lot however because the lashes that are used to make the fans are so fine (we use 0.07mm) the fans are actually very lightweight. This means that again there is no damage to the lash and in our experience clients cannot feel the Russian Volume lashes at all when they are applied. It’s just like having your own lashes but lots more of them! Volume lashes are great for people who don't have many natural lashes and want a more full look than classic lashes can offer.

180 Minutes : £80

90 minute infill

recommended between 2 – 3 weeks depending on lash growth.
90 mins : £40

120 minute infill

recommended between 3 – 4 weeks depending on lash growth.
120 mins : £60

Lash Removal

Lash Removal – required prior to treatment if lashes were not applied at Lashed Leeds.
30 mins : £10

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