To book online please carefully follow the below step-by-step guide. Note that the online system is live and up to date but if there are no appointments showing then you are welcome to text 07577967360 with your preferred dates and treatment to be added to our cancellation list.

Please take a look at our FAQs page before booking and make yourself aware of our cancellation policy.

If there is not an option to select a full set of extensions when booking, that is because we are not taking on new clients at that time. Please keep an eye on our instagram page for updates.

To book an appointment:

1. Press the green “BOOK ONLINE NOW” button below & select your desired treatment. This will bring up all our availability.

2. Once the slot is selected you have the option to pay at venue or pay in full. Please be aware that we require a £30 deposit for all full sets of extensions so even if you select Pay at Venue here you will still need to pay the deposit for this treatment after confirming.

3. If you have not had the treatment with us before once your appointment is booked and confirmed you then need to use the same method to book your Patch Test. Do not try to book both the treatment and Patch Test at the same time, you have to book the treatment first then go back and book the Patch Test. Simply select either Patch Test LVL or Patch Test Extensions and chose your preferred time. The patch test can be done anytime from date of booking up to 24hrs before your appointment. Please do not book a treatment if you require a patch test and wouldn’t be able to attend or there is not 24hrs before your appointment.

4. If you have booked for a full set of Lash Extensions (Classic, Volume or Hybrid) and selected Pay at Venue when booking then you must now pay a £30 deposit. To do this simply type your name in the box below and press “add to cart”. This will take you to a PayPal checkout. You can use this service if you do not have PayPal by then clicking the grey “Check Out” box after adding to cart. If you have paid in full when booking or have booked an infill or LVL treatment you do not need to pay a deposit.

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